Sunday, December 09, 2012

What I have been up to

It has been difficult to find the time to blog lately.  My son hit the AWESOME milestone of being potty trained very recently, only to skip naps for the past week.  If his napping habit is truly extinguished - my sewing time is going to be even more limited than it already is. 

I have been sewing a bit, here and there.  I made Charlotte's Christmas stocking in July, so I figured I would do things out of order again and make her trick-or-treat bag in December.  (Real reason: I just wanted to make something simple one evening and I had bought some Guising from a Black Friday sale.)

 Despite still having some Christmas sewing to do, I couldn't help but start another huge quilt: a 36 patch block quilt - an ode to Denyse Schmidt.  I had originally planned to make a Hope Valley Swoon quilt - but I don't even have the pattern or the large amount of background fabric - so I figured I just needed to dive in and finally use some of those fabrics!  This is for the BMQG "Precious" challenge.
 A bunch of Madrona Road arrived last week that I needed to distribute to guild members for a quilt challenge.  Some time had to be found to cut, package, and mail little bundles to our members.  I can't wait to see what everyone makes in time for our February meeting. 
 I made Charlotte a little stuffed elephant for Christmas.  The pattern is from One Yard Wonders, the fabric is Joel Dewberry Heirloom.
 I made a pocket clutch to match the larger clutch - both wrapped and brought to a Christmas party for a gift exchange/yankee swap.
 I also made another clutch as a Christmas gift for my sister (who assures me she doesn't read my blog).
Like a cat, my baby had to get on top of this quilt when I was trying to take a picture of it.  Anyway - this quilt was a $10 thrift store find that I am seam ripping little by little (usually on long car rides).  The hand-pieced hexagons are so sweet, but the whole quilt was constructed very oddly and in a way that made laundering quite difficult. 
 I look forward to transforming these blocks into something lovely when I am finally done taking the whole top apart. 
Thanks for reading! 


MalinisQuilts said...

Charlotte is so sweet!
I love the elephant you made for her. Its fun to see you made all kind of different things than quilts. Love the little pouches too.

Lately I seem to have stuck with just quilts. Need to get out of that rut and make something else once in a while.

Thank for sending out the fabric for Madrona Road challenge. They are YUM!

jane said...

I honestly don't know how you accomplish so much with two little ones.. I get tired just reading your list:) Those blocks are great. Can't wait to see your finished quilt, as well as the guild challenges.