Monday, December 03, 2012

Rocket to Dreamland

This past weekend, I had a ton of time to myself to sew.  On Friday night, I joined a small group of girlfriends to sew.  The hostess provided an amazing cranberry salad and banana bread - what is better than food, friends, and sewing?  Not much!  I started this "Rocket to Dreamland" pillow, a pattern from the One Yard Wonders Book.  On Saturday, we had a 6 hour sew-in/meeting for the BMQG - also a ton of fun.  I just can't believe that this darn pillow is the only thing that I finished with having had all that time!

For some reason, I seem to have this weird idea in my head that softies are easier to sew than quilts.  But let's face it, stuffed animals and the like are not easy sometimes.  They are three dimensional, often have curves, and manuevering all that stuffing is often a feat in and of itself!  I can honestly say that this is the most difficult softie I have ever made.
 Last week I finished the embroidered pillow cover.  So happy that I finally used some of my precious Girl Friday fabric!  I need to get another embroidery project going - it's so relaxing!
 Here they are together!  So cute!  I am pretty happy with the little ensemble.  I had to sneak pictures of these pillows upstairs in the kids' bedroom - Gregory will have to wait till Christmas to get these!
Speaking of Gregory and Christmas, I am excited to be able to use the "Christmas Trees" quilt that I made in the spring.  My tutorial was recently featured on the Sew Mama Sew blog here.  There are other nice Christmas tutorials featured as well - check them out!
I received a lot of positive feedback regarding my last post about fabric shopping around Boston.  I will go ahead and do a post about my favorite online fabric sources soon.  These posts are unbiased - I don't receive any sponsorships!


Jen said...

Oh that rocket came out awesome! That pillow is pretty awesome too.

MalinisQuilts said...

Softies are always tough to make. I always dream about it and end up not making.

Love your embroidery pillow and the rocket.

Congratulations on the Christmas Tree quilt tutorial. Looks great!

alidiza said...

You were much more productive than I was... I spent way too much time socializing;-) Love how the rocket came out, Gregory is going to LOVE it!!!