Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Holiday Craft Bash Projects

Over the weekend, I decided to tackle some more "Holiday Craft Bash" tutorials.  I made a table runner, using this tutorial by Meredith at Olivia Jane Handcraft.  It was an easy project- it honestly felt like it took longer to buy matching quilting thread at Joann's than it did to make the table runner!  (Sorry for the poor picture quality of today's post - it's so gray around here lately and I rely on bright sunlight to achieve the best photographs!)
 The runner became double-sided when I decided to use some of my Jingle leftovers for the back.
 I also made this little mini wall hanging, tutorial from Esch House Quilts, found here.  This project was quilt and easy - probably took me longer to download the triangle templates than to make the whole thing.  I added more trees than prescribed in the tutorial, I definitely had fun with the quilting. 
 I made a few more Pocket Clutches, pattern found here.  These are kind of addictive to make - it's fun to rifle through the stash to find pretty fabric combinations and they don't take too long.  The pattern gives instructions that really make for a polished, finished end product.
 For this one shown below, I told my husband it was a "Christmas miracle" because the fabric totally lined up without me even trying. 
Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

I love your mini quilt with the trees and the elves! Also your clutches are great!