Thursday, September 06, 2012

Back from Colorado

 I just returned from an exhausting but fun trip to Colorado to visit some family and friends.  My mom came along and I brought my six month old daughter.  I hadn't realized how badly I really needed a break from the daily routine - so refreshing to have some "time off."  We did a little site-seeing, visited friends and family, ate out a lot (hello Cafe Rio! x3!), and enjoyed the constant sunshine. 

I hadn't seen my brother in law and his wife since my wedding, so a stop to their house in the Springs was a must.  They have a son about 6 months younger than Gregory, so I decided to whip up a big-boy bed quilt for him.  I had made him a sock monkey themed stroller blanket when he was first born, so it was kind of cool that I "unconsciously" chose a monkey theme for this blanket:
 All of the fabrics came from stash, and I did an improv-style backing.  I am very happy with the way it came out.  For the front, I love the use of blenders that aren't all dots.  The monkey print from Ann Kelle is to die for. 
 I bound the quilt in a Jennifer Paganelli dot - a perfect basic.  I did a new-to-me free motion squiggle design.  The quilt measures 54 x 63.
I also made a stop on Ft. Carson to visit one of my first freshman year roommates, Melinda.  She has three little ones, so of course, I pulled out my favorite stand-by children's gift: peg bears. 
 You know the fabric obsession runs deep when you seek out local fabric stores when you are traveling.  A few places had the whole range of Chicopee and I saw some Out to Sea and Field Study (the three collections calling my name lately!) but I decided to grab things that weren't so readily available online.  I am thrilled with the Sarah Jane family tree panel, and I am really tickled to have the other three in the top row- I especially have wanted some of those foxes for forever!  The cuckoo clock print is a lot of fun too. 
I could be wrong, but I kind of think that sewing and quilting is bigger out West.  There seem to be more shops and a lot of them offer long-arm rental (something pretty rare in my area).  I was pretty excited to come across a great sale at one store - lots of good basics, Amy Butler Love, and Meadowsweet at 50% off.  Stores around here seem to have bolts on their shelves for ages and never lower the price.....  Can you tell I am a little sad to be back?


Alexis Deise said...

Everything is so cute! I love those bears. I just ordered a ton of Out to Sea, but I agree, it's easy to get online.

MalinisQuilts said...

Wow! what a lovely boy quilt. Love it.
Those peg bears are so cute.

The gray with pink fabric is my favorite.

alidiza said...

The quilt came out beautifully, those monkeys are sooo cute!!! Jealous of the typewriters... nothing like some fabric shopping to really make it a good trip;-)

Sara said...

Wow, you were at the Cafe Rio in Denver? I live like 3 miles from there! Crazy!

Where were the quilt shops that you discovered? I've been looking to expand my fabric shopping horizons...