Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gifts for Friends

I have finally joined the Jane Market Tote club and I made a few recently.  This one is a very belated birthday gift for my sister.  She loves blue and green together:
 I have a few book-lover friends who deserved a treat:
 Finally, I made an armrest pincushion (tutorial by BMQG's very own Aimee at During Quiet Time) and a brainy ball for Alexis as a thank you for her significant role in making the BMQG quilt show happen.
This blog may be a little quiet for the next few weeks because I have more gifts to make and I think the recipients might be blog readers.


Alexis Deise said...

I love my gifts so much! :)

Helen Jerson said...

Does anyone you know own it? If yes, they better be the coolest person you know or don't buy it as a gift.
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