Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Finish: Character Quilt

I never know what to title my quilts but I am happy I finished this UFO recently.  I am trying a personal experiment: alternating between finishing a UFO and then allowing myself to start something new (that I must finish instead of creating another UFO).  I have been doing this for a few weeks and it's been satisfying to have less WIP's hanging around but I am not getting too bored with always working on old projects.
One Sunday afternoon, everyone in the house decided to sleep at the same time and I was amazed that I was able to quilt this entire quilt while everyone else snoozed.  I went with wavy lines for the pink area, a squiggle in the border, and ditch stitching between the squares.   
 I am pretty happy with how the quilting came out but maybe I should've skipped the stitching in the ditch part because it seems to have really pulled the fabrics this way and that way.

 I backed the quilt in this Japanese print from my stash.
I had wanted to do a pastel rainbow stripe for the binding but I am glad I shopped from my stash instead.  The binding is a 2006 strippy dot print from RJR. 
I definitely have to credit Nellie, from A Quilt is Nice, for creating her beautiful quilt, which I copied imitated.


parsley said...

I love that you know what year your dot fabric was printed. your memory is something else!! This looks pretty, I love the wavy lines!

alidiza said...

So cute and I love the wavy lines and squiggles: ) Beautiful!!!

alidiza said...

So cute and I love the wavy lines and squiggles: ) Beautiful!!!

cherie godbey said...

I love the little characters! Too cute!!

Donna said...

Good idea on alternating between finishing ufos and new projects! Very happy quilt. :-)