Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sweet Little Dress(es)

I finally found a little time to make Charlotte her first handmade-by-me outfit: Sweet Little Dress.  I did the 3 month size from a pattern by Leila and Ben, found here.  I used fabrics from my stash.  It was very easy and probably took about an hour.  I already have the fabric combination for another one sitting on my sewing table.
Here she is sporting the new duds:

Charlotte had her baby blessing this past Sunday at our church.  She wore a dress that my Great Grandmother Brown made for my mother.  My sisters and I were also blessed in the dress - so it's been used for three generations now!  I loved the concept of using such a special family heirloom for my daughter. I should've taken a better picture of the dress, petticoat, and bonnet, but here we are on that special day:

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alidiza said...

The dress you made is sooo sweet! It's so special that Charlotte got to wear a family heirloom. I love that my kids were both christened in the dress my Mom made for me. Special memories: )