Wednesday, February 08, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Thanks for all of the kind comments regarding my pink spiderweb quilt! Lately, I have been looking back at the things I have made lately and my only thought is, "How on earth did I have the energy to make that?!" I really hit a wall today - I can't really envision doing anything besides taking care of my son for the next few weeks. I have really hit a wall with this pregnancy - I am so done! Anyway - I had a small burst of energy yesterday and was able to piece this patchwork rectangle for a boyish sleep sack. I soon learned that I don't have enough flannel for the lining and I am wondering if I should just order a coordinate or piece together a piece big enough that would work. I am not excited about waiting for a fabric order (or spending the money when I was determined to sew completely from stash), nor am I thrilled with the prospect of piecing together the flannel - which has a large scale print and will not look very good being spliced together (but no one is really going to see it anyway because it would be on the inside of the sack.....).


Jenny said...

i simply love this patchwork of brown and blue! how great!!i say go ahead and piece the flannel...since, like you said, its inside the sack!!

alidiza said...

The blues & browns are great!!! You definitely deserve a break, you're almost there: )