Saturday, February 25, 2012


Shortly after Gregory was born, I went a little crazy at the Black Friday Joann's flannel sale. I haven't let myself buy flannel since then and I am finally using a bunch of it for our second child. Remind me to hide the bank card when this second baby comes - the things you do postpartum defies logic sometimes! Anyway - I made a bunch of large, double-sided receiving blankets. They are great for swaddling, covering the car seat, and bundling your little one - I hate the store-bought ones - they are too small and flimsy. I made three gender neutral ones, three girly ones, and two boyish ones. I plan to give some extras away. Making 8 receiving blankets was boring with a capital "B." But I know I am not really mentally available right now to tackle anything that requires a lot of thought. I considered making a wall hanging with the fabrics pictured below but the design I have in my head might be too complicated for my 9 months pregnant self right now. I love all of these fabrics together - I am hooked on the combination of pink and blue.

I am going a little crazy waiting for this baby to come - so I finally let myself resume a very simple project that I had started a while ago. I had cut a bunch of 5.5" strips and I am now in the process of making a big patchwork quilt out of them. Here's my progress so far:

I don't expect to get very far but I thought it might be nice to "decorate" my design wall instead of being taunted by a very empty space once the baby comes.


Jenny said...

i agree about the homemade nice big flannel receiving blankets! you will be glad you made those...

your wall hanging fabrics will make for a beautiful project!

Rosa said...

It looks beautiful!