Thursday, January 05, 2012

Storytime Quilt

After finishing a gift for a friend's son (will post as soon as I get the chance to take a picture) - I can finally focus on sewing for my baby that is due in 8 weeks. We didn't find out the gender - so I am planning to make a girl quilt and a boy quilt.

Here is my first attempt at doing a girly quilt. It is a shameless imitation of this lovely quilt from the blog A Quilt Is Nice. Finding 47 unique character prints in my stash was a bit of a challenge! But I think I did okay.

My two favorites are the frogs playing holding hands and the 7 dwarfs surrounding Snow White.

I am concerned that this quilt top came out too big and I am unsure if I want to commit to having this quilt be the first quilt for the (potential?) daughter I may be carrying. I really want to start out with a small quilt, backed in something soft, that the baby might attach to.... I am going to have to think on this and I am already planning a second girl option.

The ironic thing is that I think I might be having a boy - the only reason why I started on the girl quilt first is because it is easier than the plan I have for a boy quilt and I felt like doing something quick and easy.


Jane said...

I love this! I knew exactly which quilt you were referring to as your inspiration because I've been wanting to make a baby quilt inspired by that one, too!

alidiza said...

Beautiful!!! I LOVE that pink fabric!

Anonymous said...

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