Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Boy Plus Quilt Completed

I finished this quilt over the weekend. I am quite happy with how it came out and I am already envisioning an adult-sized "plus" quilt to make someday. I have gravitated towards using reds in my quilts quite a bit within the past year. Fabrics I used include Daiwabo Tiny Tip Top, Meet the Gang, Sherbet Pips, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, Momo Half Moon Modern, and Tufted Tweets.

I backed the quilt in red minkee. It was not an easy process to put a real binding on the whole thing - that was my least favorite part of the whole process. I am going to try a different method with the girly quilt and maybe do a tutorial - there isn't a lot out there online on how to back a quilt with the minkee-like fabrics.

I really didn't have a lot of black and white fabrics to use for this - while I don't use a lot of black in my quilts - this did make me realize that it could be good to have a few more options in my stash.

I did straight line quilting on the quilt- I definitely didn't want to do a bunch of busy free motion stitching that would take away from the graphic appeal of the fabrics I had chosen.

I am really closing in on completing all of my baby projects. I am dying to cut into some fabric stacks I have been playing with and start a quilt (or two). I am not going to deny that even though I am SO ready for this baby to come - I still get nervous about the transition to a family of four and the unavoidable depletion of my sewing time.


Jen said...

I came out awesome Laurie! I love the fabrics that you used.

Rosa said...

It looks fabulous and love your fabrics choices!

alidiza said...

So cute!!! Your binding is perfect... and Minkee is such a pain: )

anniemac said...

I am making a baby plus quilt with a minky backing right now for my own baby-on-the-way! How large did yours turn out to be and what size did you make the individual squares? Any minky tips would be great too - while you're working on that tutorial...

terrieannie said...

I would love to see a tutorial (or at least lengthy advice!) on backing a quilt with minkee. I've got a beautiful dove grey minkee and have been rather intimidated by the fabric!