Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Sewing

I finally completed my last bee blocks for the Hip to Bee Square bee I participated in. Kerry sent some paper pieced tree blocks and we simply had to make them into large improvisational log cabin blocks with scraps she sent. I am happy to have participated in the bee but I think that maybe bees just aren't for me. I understand why a lot of people do them and love them but I am glad to be done! The mailman always gives me a heart attack when he delivers packages to my home - he opens the screen door and places them between the screen and front doors. He delivers the mail when Gregory is sleeping - so the house is especially quiet. I always think that someone is trying to break in! Anyway, last week he delivered a package from Gregory's great grandmother who sent this adorable stocking:

It is made from an old quilt and she machine embroidered family names on the back. I love handmade gifts and am grateful that Gregory now has such a nice family keepsake.

Tonight I finally was able to give these two quilts to a dear friend who just had her second little girl. Gregory is great friends with her first daughter - and when I found out my friend was pregnant again - I told her I wanted to make the baby a quilt. Of course, I had to go ahead and surprise her by making a quilt for her oldest too . Don't they coordinate nicely? She was quite pleased with them and I enjoyed making two girly quilts :) I did blog about these quilts previously but I hadn't revealed their real story in case she came across my secret plan.

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