Monday, November 21, 2011

Stamps Quilts for Twin Girls

Remember this lovely stack of fabric? It took me no time at all to decide on the pattern and complete 18 blocks of Elizabeth Hartman's Stamps pattern for 2 baby girl quilts. Usually when I have such a potential project stack - it takes me weeks to decide wha to do - but the colors were just so lovely, I got an idea quickly and ran with it! My friend is having twin girls in early April and loves the colors yellow and purple. She came to my house and picked out a beautiful rainbow of pastel monochromatic prints. I am so glad I had asked for her opinion because I had had a red theme in mind and it turns out she doesn't really like red!

This pattern was literally cathartic for me. You achieve the perfect points via an interfacing method - and it was just so relaxing to just lay out the squares, one by one. I also didn't feel like I was abandoning my family to sew over the weekend because I could just sit at the kitchen table and interact easily with Nick and Gregory - it's the kind of project that doesn't take a lot of concentration. My next step is to sash these blocks in white Kona. I will share my progress soon!


Jen and Joe. said...


I only recently learned about the interfacing method. GENIUS!

Alexis Deise said...

I can't believe how perfect these are. They look sweet enough to eat.

alidiza said...

These are so sweet and perfect for twins!!! I can't wait to see it all put together: )