Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last QM Post: Sarah Fielke

I saw a lot of Sarah Fielke at Quilt Market - I went to two Schoolhouse sessions where she was presenting and I attended a book signing. I find her work to be inspiring, original, and eye-catching. Her Material Obsession books (also written by Kathy Doughty) are easily my favorite quilting books and I recently completed the quilt on the cover of the first book (post coming soon!). She is not only a prolific quilter, but she designs fabric too! Her new collection for Lecien, St. Ives, is filled with nostalgia and whimsy - I hope to get my hands on some of those dots soon!

This quilt is available as a free pattern download on the Lecien site.

I enjoyed seeing many of her quilts "in person" - so much better than just looking at a picture. This eagle quilt is definitely one of my favorites - probably because of the dresden element.

I really want to be better at doing applique - she uses the method to really add a wonderful element to many of her quilts.

This "Night Garden" quilt is another one of my favorites but it scares me because you have to use templates!

I visited her booth when she wasn't there.

We showed up to the book signing quite early so we wouldn't miss our chance to come home with a signed copy of Quilting from little things... I was able to tell her that she made my day when she commented on this post from my blog and she seemed to remember the Dotty for Dresden quilt top I had made. I gushed and told her how much I loved her work.

This book was the perfec thing to pour over on the plane rides home. So much eye candy and inspiration. My favorite part (so far) is her detailed explanation of how she chooses fabrics. This passage from the introduction is music to my ears, "My stash is large, but it's never large enough. I don't ever feel bad about how much fabric I have--the fabric is as essential to my inspiration as the actual construction of the quilts." I am the same way - I plan my quilts based on fabrics I love.

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