Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boring Sewing

I have had lots of "boring" sewing on my agenda to do this past week. I hate putting blocks together to make up a quilt top - it's a necessary evil of the craft in my opinion. But here's the Sherbet Pips top in all its glory. I am going to add a small white border to it and quilt it next Friday at Laurena's. I have also returned to straight line quilting this beast and it is literally a chore. Five inches x the length of the quilt takes me over an hour! What was I thinking? I am making myself do a column a day so I can just get it done.


Alexis Deise said...

looks great! I have a bunch of straight-line quilting coming up too, ugh. I tend to start new projects to avoid it which just creates MORE straight-line quilting to do. :)

alidiza said...

We need to have a quilting bee... everyone brings their machine and tops and just grinds them out. My TBQ pile is out of control: ) This top is beautiful, I'm always amazed how you manage to pull it all together!