Saturday, October 01, 2011

Welcome October

I've started to work on several things at once. Unfortunately, I have had to seam-rip almost this entire clamshell quilt - I had added more rows (since this picture was taken) only to soon discover that the quilt top was widening as I went and the only way to fix it is to do it over. BOOO!!!! I am thinking about attaching the pieces to a big piece of muslin to keep it straight next time- is that a good idea? I made this little guy for a one year old's birthday party we're going to this weekend. These Peg Bears are SO cute!!!

This picture shows you how much bigger the Habitat bear is than the original size pattern.

I have been enjoying returning to my Bird Bath quilt. I really enjoy shuffling through my fabrics to find complementary combinations for each block. I added 9 blocks this week - only 52 to go!

A few weeks ago we had a sew-in at Erica's house. It was a much needed break from my crazy toddler! I didn't really have a great portable project to bring, so I brought a bunch of fabrics to cut into strips for a simple patchwork quilt top I am planning. It was a good project to bring - as I hate ironing and cutting - but having the company of friends made it fly by.

Thanks to those who entered the giveaway- I will draw a winner tomorrow.


Rosa said...

Your Bird Bath quilt is beautiful,I love your fabrics.

Aimee said...

I LOL'd when I saw the 2nd stuffed bear next to the first - what a difference! Great gift - the little one will love it!

I would ask Shelley about the clam shell - she is/was making one.