Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Luckily, Hurricane Irene was very mild for the area I live in - but I prepared for the worst- I even decided to go hang out at my parent's from Saturday afternoon until yesterday. The power flickered and that was it. During Gregory's naps I took advantage of my parent's cable and DVR and watched/listened to several episodes of "What Not to Wear" and "Law and Order." It really helped to get me through the very monotonous task of sewing the dresden plates onto the background squares: When I got home last night, I finished the last of these Children at Play blocks. I have to say that I like the fussy cut squares of these prints - but I find that these styles of prints limit my creativity a bit- I am much more used to using prints and color rather than trying to fuss with little character/novelty images.

I am off to Louisville on Friday to reunite with my hubby and visit his parents with Gregory. We were going to squeeze a visit of Paducah in - but there just isn't enough time. But you better believe I hope to squeeze a quick visit to a quilt store that I heard is excellent. I am really excited to be with Nick again and finally allow Gregory to see his grandparents- as it has been over a year now since we last all got together!

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sharon said...

how did you sew down your dresdens? i did mine by machine and was mostly happy (straight stitch around each point.