Friday, August 12, 2011

Lowell Quilt Festival 2011

My SIL, Melissa, is visiting from Texas this week. Although she is really busy with work and school, she does enjoy sewing and has made a few quilts in the past couple of years. She brought Gregory a quilt she made and he loves it- I will post that tomorrow.

Anyway, some of our activities so far have centered around sewing. Today we went to the Lowell Quilt show. I was excited to show her a quilt made by a fellow Boston Modern guild member: Jen Boucher. I am so happy for Jen! I have seen quite a lot of progress on this quilt and to see her win a blue ribbon for the Best Wall Quilt is simply AWESOME! You can see more of Jen's work on her blog: A Quilting Jewel. (Incidentally, this quilt has hundreds and hundreds of crystals on it!) Of course, I had to take a picture of this interesting use of hexagons:

This quilt was my favorite - probably since I seem to have a thing for trees. I wrote down the name of the pattern and I am going to try to find it and do this someday in modern fabrics.

I have been doing a little sewing while Melissa is here. I whipped together my first dresden plate in about 10 minutes. I am telling you - once you have the "prep work" of making all of the fan blades, these things fly out of your machine in no time.

Melissa also requested that we make a trip to Marden's in Maine while she's here. We went straight from the airport! I was really thrilled with what I got:

The Maryoshka doll piece is made by Hallmark (who knew they made fabric?!), the woodgrain is a Timeless treasure print, and the red print is a perfect backing for the girl quilt I am planning for my friend. The two KJR finds were from Lowell show today - I was ecstatic to find them because they are literally both my most favorite prints from that collection and I had very little!

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