Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Last Saturday's yard sale exploits were modest but good. Nick and I stopped at a church-run thrift shop in Tyngsboro and I picked up 7 of these wooden hoops. I plan to frame pieces of my favorite fabrics in them, like this. Any local friends who want me to pick some up for you? Just let me know - I plan to go back and get more. In the same store, I found this picnic-inspired 5 yard piece made by Robert Kaufman. It doesn't have any kind of date on it, so I have no idea how "retro" it really is. I also couldn't resist the 4 yd piece of gray floral fabric on the right.

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Micmacker said...

I love wooden embroidery hoops, too. I have a selection in different sizes, and am wondering if I should paint or wrap them before framing fabric? Thinking that the wood might discolor the fabric, and anything I frame I might pull back out to use. I'm guessing hoops are made from balsa, and I don't know how it will react to fabric (not a chemistry major!).