Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

I apologize for all of the "fabric only" pictures lately - but I promise lots of sewing is getting done behind the scenes. Yesterday was my birthday and I received lots of goodies. Including a few random cuts from left to right: Kumari Garden, Haven's Edge, and Ready, Set, Go: I also asked for a huge cut of Kona Nightfall to use in making a giant spiderweb quilt with Loulouthi fabrics. My verdict on Loulouthi? It's AMH's best collection yet!

With some birthday money, I just ordered several cuts from this collection: Children at Play by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller fabrics. I was browsing Hawthorne Threads when it popped up, all of the sudden, that this collection was available. I felt like I was trying to buy tickets to a soon-to-be-sold-out rock concert - the pressure on what to choose was intense. I guarantee that these prints will be gone from HT by the end of the weekend. I love HT, but I wish that they weren't so stinking popular - hardly anything stays in stock.

Now, I need help on deciding what to use the rest of my birthday money on. I thought I would be able to pass on Sandy Henderson's Secret Garden collection - (my trepidation was linked to surprise at how different this collection is from her previous lines) but I am in love with these gorgeous prints!

This is the midnight colorway - my first instinct is to grab many of these:

But part of me is feeling like maybe I should go with something different than what I usually gravitate to, like the Tea Time colorway:

And finally, I am DYING for Joel Dewberry's newest, Heirloom. There are three colorways of this collection too and I don't know what to get either. Most people online are going nuts for the aqua/orange combos - which I love - but the deep reds and purples are calling to me as well.

Secret Garden and Heirloom are set to be released any day now. They both have something like 60 different prints each! Images courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop.


Micmacker said...

Happy Birthday, Laurie! Fabric is SUCH a great gift. Summer is big for birthdays in my family - my daughter turned 11 yesterday (17th), and mine was the 9th. My husband surprised me with a Kindle, and now we're off for vacation. Hope I don't drop it off the dock!

KerryQ said...

Happy birthday, Laurie! I've been paging through your July posts- you are prolific!! How do you get it all done?! You must have boundless energy! It's all I can do to crawl to the couch at the end of the day!

emily mcd said...

Happy belated birthday friend! My cousin just married the brother of Sarah Jane . . . I actually thought of referring you to the Children at Play Line because it seemed like something you'd appreciate. Fun to know you got your hands on it!