Monday, June 06, 2011


I frequent yard sales A LOT during the spring/summer/fall. Often, I manage to find crafty items at yard sales. I recently made a vow to not go TOO wild on craft stuff this year - but I couldn't resist all of this adorable vintage baby ric-rac: and I was thrilled to find 4 packaged pillow forms that I plan to make quilted covers for to match my new quilt. Last time I needed a pillow form, I decided to make one after seeing that they sell for $15+ at Joann's. I am happy that I could buy 4 of them for $4 and not have to bother with the hassle of making them!

Over the weekend, I finally felt motivated to return to my mini quilt by making these teeny hexies:

For the same project, I had a friend embroider my son's name and birthdate for me on her embroidery machine:

On Friday, I long-arm quilted my African quilt. I am SO, SO happy with it!!!! This picture is just a sneak-peek. I plan to bind it this week and do a full post featuring its' completion.

Speaking of binding, I had to break my fabric diet to buy some Kona Pacific to bind the African quilt. I brought in my remaining 10" to the Fabric Corner to make sure that I bought the right color that I had already used in the wedges of the dresden plates. I just need to vent here for a moment: I am not impressed by any company that cannot consistently provide the exact colors that they're supposed to be. See the picture below - the difference between the two "Kona Pacific" colors is drastic (more so in person than the picture portrays). "Different dye lots" is just not an acceptable explanation. As solid fabric prices are gradually approaching the cost of premium designer prints - I don't think it's too much to ask that they print their colors consistently! Even the store clerk agreed with me that they were too different shades of blue.

Last week I sent out my bee block fabrics for the Hip to Bee Squre bee. I decided to continue with the blocks I had started with in the Boston Modern Quilt Guild rather than create yet another WIP. Nicole at Patchwork Duck surprised me this morning by already posting my block in our flickr pool:

I love it and cannot wait to see what the other members create.

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Micmacker said...

I love finding supplies at yard sales, too. And I look forward to seeing the finished African Dresden quilt.