Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sewing Highs, Sewing Lows

I have had lots of "sewing highs" this week. Firstly, I was able to quilt this quilt at my friend Joanna's house. We met through BMQG and she is a sweetheart who is a very talented quilter and a master of all things applique. She likes to encourage other people to buy a Juki, like hers, and she kindly offered to let me try it out at her house. I had so much fun being able to escape for the day (while my sister watched my kid) and finish this long-standing UFO. I will do a full post once it's completed. Last Saturday I only went to three yard sales - it was a very rainy day and I went to three indoor sales that were still happening. At the last one, I hit a jackpot when I found this Singer Ultralock 14SH644 in a shabby suitcase. I talked the guy down from $25 to $15 - it had accessories and the manual with it. I will let you know how I like it once I finally find the time to try it out.

When I came home from Joanna's - there were two packages waiting for me - a fabric order (post coming tomorrow) and another small package. It turned out to be the manuals, some feet, and 24 cams for that Elna sewing machine I bought at a yard sale a few weeks ago!!!! I was hyperventilating when I realized what it was. You see, in my stalker-ish way, I actually had written a letter to the lady at that yard sale asking if she might find those cams (only sold on ebay for at least $5 each!) and she went ahead and sent me all of this stuff!!!!! Don't worry, a thank you card and generous reimbursement for shipping is on it's way to her now.

Now for my sewing "low": Today I went to a Janome dealer to get help with my 1/4" issue. Turns out that my zig-zag function is broken - which might end up resolving my seam issue. Additionally, the lady took off the needle plate on the machine and we discovered layers and layers of horrifying dirt and lint right there in the bobbin area - everywhere!!!! Some of you may remember that I only got my machine cleaned 5 weeks ago. She swears, up and down, that there is no way that this guy really cleaned the machine if there is that much debris. I paid him $70! Additionally, he did not replace the "wic" (small oiling/cloth piece) and should've noticed the zig zag and (maybe?) the seam issue. She was really encouraging me to bring back the machine and demand a refund. I am not a confrontational person - but I really can't afford $70 for nothing! Any advice would be greatly welcomed.


Rachel said...

Stinkers. I'm so sorry about the machine! And that guy wasn't the nicest, either, was he? Definitely go back. I'll be your wing-woman if you need one.

I love the princess quilt -- can't wait to see it in person!

And you scored another machine?! Holy cow -- lucky finds!!

Joanna said...

It was so much fun! I hope you have more tops you need to quilt - come any time! I just blogged about it too. Thanks for giving me something to blog about lol!