Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabric Friday: Thrifted Fabrics

Thanks for the congratulations on yesterday's post! It was so exciting! Now to reveal the fabrics: I filled a big bag with all sorts of stuff but this post is just showcasing the vintage prints. The other fabrics I bought aren't as exciting - just plain things like some blue shirting, a white linen blend, etc.

Most of the pieces aren't too big but that's okay - I don't need yards and yards of the stuff!

This is my favorite:

Cheater patchwork!

The quality of vintage fabric is questionable - you all know that I am not a fan of anything less than "quilt shop quality." But I am not a fabric snob when it comes to vintage fabrics - if I like the pattern - that's all that matters. I plan on making a simple patchwork square quilt out of my vintage fabrics - no intricate piecing and something simple to showcase the prints.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Rachel said...

oooooh, i loooove the florals! what a find!! i can't wait to see how you mix 'em up. :)

Micmacker said...

Great find! I especially love the sailboats.

Jenny said...

great fabrics laurie...i have such a soft spot for vintage! i love that floral too! so electric!
have fun with them.