Thursday, June 23, 2011

Epic Yard Sale Find

Last weekend was awesome. I had my first class of "The Basics of Being a Mamarazzi" so that I can finally start to understand how to take better pictures. Right before the class started, I pieced the back for my Improv quilt. Sadly, this is the bulk of sewing progress I have to show due to my son having a nasty cold all week. Back on the topic of having an awesome weekend - I went to an EPIC yard sale on Saturday. It was an estate sale in Westford - and I knew I was in for a retreat when this pattern was one of the first things that I saw: (Come to this Saturday's BMQG meeting to win it!)

But the real find was this AMAZING sewing machine!!!! It's an Elna Air Electronic SU machine. The reviews I have found online are excellent ("you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands," "I doubt any sewer who has one will part with it. they just don't make them like that anymore," "I like how it is lightweight and portable, yet it is all metal and sturdy") and they go for about $375 on ebay. The Elna name is still around (bought by Janome) but the original Switzerland company that made the older machines is gone.

The machine has the capability to do lots of decorative stitches, but you have to have these small black discs called "cams." My machine only had one and they go for at least $5 a piece on eBay. I am not going to try and buy a whole bunch online (you might as well as buy a new machine rather than constantly dropping $30-$50 for 6-10 cams) but will keep my eye out for deals.

When I spotted the machine - I soon discovered that the foot pedal was nowhere to be seen. The lady running the sale helped me look for it but soon gave up. I was desperate to find it - and I combed through that trashed room until I found it!!! Victory! This is what it looks like - not a typical sewing machine foot pedal at all:

I haven't played with it too much because the lady said she would send me the manual and I have not received it yet (if she doesn't send it soon, I can buy a PDF version online for about $7). I also know that it needs to be cleaned/oiled - which will have to wait. But I am so thrilled to satisfy my small longing for a new machine by instead getting a sweet little 1954 Swiss made gem! I bought this machine plus a large (used) rotary mat, a trash bag full of fabric (more on that tomorrow), a brand new bag of cotton batting, a vintage puzzle ball, a brand new wooden lap quilting frame, and a shoebox full of new sewing notions all for only $20. This was an AMAZING deal!


Jenny said...

whoa! that is an amazing deal for sure laurie! nothing beats a great estate sale, huh?

MadeByMeaghan said...

OH MY GOD! That's the stuff people dream of! Have fun playing with your new toys. :)

Splendorfalls said...

how awesome! congrats on your great find!

Micmacker said...

Fantastic! Keep an eye out for deals on the cams. My Viking had all of the cams, and they're really fun.