Monday, May 16, 2011


I try to get my machine serviced/cleaned on an annual basis but I was recently guilty of waiting far too long to bring it in to the serviceman. Money was pretty tight in 2010 and once our budget loosened up a bit - I indulged in fabric buying rather than investing in taking care of my machine. Recently I realized that I needed to have it cleaned when friends at the retreat told me that my machine sounded like a machine gun, the lightbulb burned out, and the feed-dogs weren't working very well. Turns out that I almost did permanent damage to machine - because *shockingly* - I sew more than most people and my machine was sorely in need of some TLC. I don't think the guy who serviced the machine had seen that much lint in one machine before. Lesson learned. When my machine returned home, I started working on the project below - adding the third section (far right). It's an exercise in improvisational piecing and I am enjoying it right now. This top had been sitting for exactly one year and I hadn't been sure if I was going to finish it as is or add to it.

Now that my Pop Garden quilt is nearly finished - I have been mulling over ideas for my next big project. I thought I would wait to do another dresden plate quilt for at least another six months (after doing this mammoth)- but now that Michael Miller is finally released some good complementary red/white polka dots- I really want to make this quilt on the cover of Material Obsession. I have been pulling out some of my favorite fabrics and debating myself on what to include and exclude. My strategy, so far, has been to simply pull some of my most favorite fabrics and just try to keep some variety in the coloring. Suggestions are welcome! (Bonus: I recently discovered Sarah Fielke's blog and it's fantastic!)

I ran into Joann's today thinking that I might use my 60% off coupon on packaged Warm and Natural batting- only to faint in shock that the price has been raised to $35!!!! It's only 3 yards in the package - I am just amazed. I have seen cotton prices creeping up but I wonder how long it takes before some people go out of business. Newer prints at LQS' are about $12 per yard but I can still find them online for at least $8 (plus shipping - unless I can find free shipping). Raising prices stresses me out - quilting is already expensive enough!

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Aimee said...

I am loving your FFA improv! I started one a year ago too & it's still sitting. Yours is about 1 million billion times better than what I started though!! LOVE! Can't wait to see the finished Pop Garden! Cute!