Friday, May 13, 2011

Pop Garden Progress

At the retreat I managed to sew most of the red/aqua pop garden blocks: I am doing my best to promote the dumbing down of quilting by doing a pattern a child could do: rectangles within squares.

When I got home from the retreat, I was able to quickly finish up the greens, yellows, and dominantly Pop Garden blocks:

My makeshift design wall can only hold about 1/4 of all of the blocks - so that kind of stinks. I am going to a friend's house, who has kindly offered to allow me to use her floor space to lay them out and she's even going to help me assemble them all together.

There are 110 blocks to make a queen sized quilt. It's going to be huge and I am loving it. The biggest headache of this quilt was all of the cutting required - yuck! I hate cutting so much. And to make it even worse - I cut way too much..... Lots of pieces left over.

These are three of my favorite blocks:

I already have an appointment to rent the long-arm machine on May 20 - hopefully I will be sleeping under it by June.

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Bessiemae said...

Laugh.out.loud. about dumbing down quilting! That was hilarious, and it's a beautiful quilt. :-)