Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabric Friday: SP and African Fabrics

I almost didn't want to do "Fabric Friday" today because I didn't think I had much to say on the subject right now. But then I realized that one of my small projects this week was pulling fabrics from my stash to coordinate with my Sherbet Pips bundle: And I also realized that it might be fun to showcase some fabrics I bought in Uganda when my husband and I volunteered there about four years ago:

I came home with A LOT of fabric - my favorite souvenir from our four months there. It averaged to $1 per yard - and I was boosting their economy, right? I had never heard of modern fabrics or anything like that - but I was definitely drawn to the large scale prints and bright colors.

The best quality ones I came home with were "wax printed" in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. They all were cut into six yard pieces.

When I came home with them, I promptly pre-washed most of them and unfortunately, a lot of them bled. But at least I know that is an issue and I will address it more fully when I begin to sew/quilt with them more.

A few pieces I have have some gold/metallic elements to them - which I would normally shy away from, but I like it on these fabrics.

This one reminds me of something maybe Amy Butler would do:

This is one of my favorites - you already know that I am partial to pink.

I knew when I spotted this one - it would be my favorite for sure. I don't know if I will ever have the strength to cut into it - I have actually contemplated using this piece for a whole cloth quilt.

You can find African fabrics at some local quilt stores and on the internet but I have never really been tempted to buy them. It wouldn't have the same sentimental value for me. But I really am amazed at these beautiful fabrics - it's an amazing resource from the continent and some of the designs are simply like artwork.

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