Monday, May 23, 2011

15 Quilts!

[Park Slope green Leaf Dot binding for PG quilt]

I feel a little "quilted out" right now - I just reviewed all posts from this year and counted that I have compelted 15 quilts and 2 quilt tops as of this weekend. That is a lot of quilting and a lot of binding. I have to explain, especially for newer readers of this blog, that I foolishly allowed MULTIPLE quilt tops to pile up for about 18 months because I didn't know how to quilt. I was even secretly critical of other bloggers who seemed to be churning out quilt tops constantly - never to complete them. Well guess what? I was one of them! I finally started learning how to quilt and I decided to complete all of my unfinished projects this year.

But this week I am taking a break from all of that and I am allowing myself to do some smaller projects this week as I think about my next two big quilts I would like to make: the Material Obsession dresden one, and a mammoth Sherbet Pips conglomeration (pulled fabrics yesterday and have a big box full - waiting for inspiration).

I finally feel in the mood to attempt making some bags and a few of these. Wish me luck.


michele.h said...

Does this mean you're going to have a baby?
Wishing you luck!

Dresden Lane said...

No - I just love to make baby stuff!