Monday, April 25, 2011

UFO's completed and other stuff

Lots of cutting need to be done with these babies: (did some more digging in my stash plus 2 small purchases and I have enough to start my 65 print Pop Garden Quilt!) Cut a Kona Bone jelly roll for a postage stamp quilt:

I made a "moon" pillow for my son on Friday. It's the only thing that I have made him which he actually likes - forget about the 4 quilts, 4 whales, elephant, and sock monkey - who knew I just needed to sew a circle on a pillow to make him happy? (For some reason, this child is OBSESSED with the moon - forcing his father and I to study our local lunar cycle).

I finished the hexie background for a mini quilt I am making for my son. Remember when I blogged about cutting up one of his shirts? It's in there:

I have been adding fabric to my etsy store to destash:

I whipped up these 30 star blocks last night:

Just kidding, this is a WIP I bought a few years ago at a quilting yard sale for $5. Considering Gregory's current love for the solar system, I thought it might be nice to put together for him.

Finally, I can show the last of my completed UFO's. Around Thanksgiving 2010 - I realized I was drowning in 12 unquilted quilt tops and I decided to fix the situation by 1) learning how to quilt on my home machine and 2) taking the long arm quilting class.

This black/white/yellow quilt was my oldest UFO. I think I started ironing the washed and wrinkled fabrics when I finally felt somewhat "normal" after giving birth to my son. I made the blocks and let them sit on a shelf over a year ago. I just wasn't excited about the fabrics anymore.

This is going to be a wedding present for a family member. I shouldn't have asked the bride what colors she liked - she said "blue and green." I almost died - she said this right when I was in the middle of making my sister's monstrous blue/green quilt - I can't return to that exact color scheme anytime soon.

I used my leftover pieces to make the backing. I quilted it at the long-arm rental place but rented the HQ 16 sit-down machine, as I had already basted the quilt and didn't want to undo all of that to long-arm it. It only took me 1.5 hours.

I also finally had the courage to make bias binding and was happy with the results. Alice taught us a class on binding for our latest BMQG meeting and I really took a lot home from her lesson.

The quilt measures 60" square.

I only have one UFO of those 12 I had mentioned - it's the pink/orange quilt that I started improvisationally piecing, not sure whether I want to make it bigger or just finish it.

I was "bragging" to Nick that by finishing all of my UFO's, I had cleared out a whole big cubby space in my fabric storage area (i.e. I have room for more fabric!) and he had to point out that now we have a towering pile of quilts taking up much more space in our bedroom. Too true!


Micmacker said...

hahahaha - I'm not usually so gullible, but when I read "I whipped up these star blocks last night", I fell for it (at least until I read on). I'm glad to know you're not super human!

Micmacker said...

By the way, I never did get all the fabric I needed for a Taxi Trio quilt, so let me know if you have any left that you want to sell. My husband really likes the colors.