Friday, April 15, 2011

Fabric Friday: DS for Joann's and Primary Colors

Did you know that Denyse Schmidt has released a line of fabric through Joann's? I wasn't planning on jumping on this crazy obsessive bandwagon that has swept the blogosphere - but this morning I realized that it would be the perfect fabric to use for a gift for a friend. They didn't have any of the collection at the closest Joann's to me, so I drove over to another one 20 minutes away. What an ORDEAL it was in buying these. Let me tell you that the customer service at that particular Joann's STINKS and it wasn't so great that I had to bring my one year old to endure what should have been only a 30 minute stay in the store. Enough with my venting. There are 21 prints in the collection, but I was really happy with what this Joann's happened to have. I really love the tiny flowered one - 3rd from the left. The dots are pretty snazzy too. SO - after I finish the above project, I will soon move on to make another bed size quilt for Nick and I. I have been wanting to work with my favorite collections, City Weekend or Pop Garden for a while. Now, take a look at the fabrics I have waiting for me: First, City Weekend:
Next, Pop Garden:
Notice anything similar? Yeah - apparently I have red, yellow, and blue on the brain. I thought about combining them - but the colors and scale are too dissimilar.

So I think I am going to go ahead and work with the Pop Garden fabrics. My next issue: make a quilt with fabrics from the same collection or add other things to my pile? Right now I am working on binding this quilt and I feel really happy that I used a ton of prints (49) to make it rather than just adding a neutral/solids or something to the three Urban Circus prints that I had liked so much. I think I am kind of "growing out of" making quilts from all the same fabric collection - when you add something different, it's more interesting and seems to add more texture and interest. (That's not to say that I will never make a one collection quilt again and that I don't like it.)

So here's what I pulled out that seems to match the PG fabrics. I know I need more greens and yellows, less reds probably. Oh so pretty.

Tomorrow I am off to MQX (Machine Quilter's Expo) with a friend. I am so ready for a day away!

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Carolyn said...

i just heard of the DS fabrics at Joann's. YAY!
I love how you've layed out these fabrics for your pictures.
sometimes I think i'm weird for folding fabrics and arranging them just to look at them! :c ) but other quilters understand!