Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is spring here yet?

As I have been trying to use up a lot of my fabric, somehow it keeps coming in! I trained my husband recently to forgo jewelry in exchange for fabric and he surprised me with "flowers" for Valentine's Day- the three orange/blue Anthology fabrics on the left (gorgeous prints bytheway - I think Anthology fabrics are grossly overlooked by the bloggy world but they are to die for!) Next, a nice swap came from a swappy friend online - somehow I think that I am obsessed with orange lately. Finally, I got some backing for my Tufted Tweets Quilt (could it match more perfectly!?) on my recent semi-annual trip to Marden's. To my disappointment, they recently raised their prices from 2.99 a yard to 3.99 and up. The fabric is still a steal and it is hard to match a quilt top to an appropriate backing if you are shopping online (unless you buy a print that is in the top of course). I am now onto the final stage of completing this beast - just hand-sewing the binding down. I will show more pictures once it is complete.
I am slowly adding to my bee blocks:
I finished the Blockapalooza block #6 last night - definitely not thrilled with my poor contrasting fabric choices, but I don't think I am going to bother redoing it:
I made this skirt last week but delayed in posting about it because I wasn't sure if I liked it. I bought the orange Far Far Away II print with a coupon, otherwise this would've been one really pricey skirt. I wasn't thrilled with it initially because I just wasn't sold on the mustardy-flower Weekends trim that I had included, but it's grown on me and ripping it out would mean too much seam-ripping. When I get a chance to wear it, I will post another picture.
This little stinker has given me a hard time lately - it's not been a fun winter being cooped inside with a one year old who wants to get into everything, is teething, and quits taking his second nap. But he's still a keeper. He was having a fun time yesterday playing with the skirt:
(Yes, my living room usually is strew with toys and pots and pans.)


Monet said...

I love that blue and green quilt! I can't wait to see it in person...hopefully soon :)

Micmacker said...

What collection/designer are the purple flamingos? I'm a new follower, and I love your taste in fabric!

Aimee said...

I love that skirt! I think it will look fantastic on you! Did you follow a pattern or just wing it?

sariah said...

I had to laugh at this.....I have a 1 year old too and when I sew the house becomes a disaster, but I don't care as long as he's "entertaining" himself! :-)