Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowed In

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on the last several posts! I appreciate it so much when people take a minute to post something. I am trying to do better myself, this year, at commenting on people's blogs.

We have received over 2 feet of snow here in New England in less than a week. It's great sewing, nap, and reading weather! But with a one year old, it's another story! I can't wait for spring.

Anyway, I got around to making a bee block for the flickr Hip to Bee Square group. Janet sent Debbie Mumm coffee-themed fabrics and invited us to add our own fabrics (if we wished) and make whatever we wanted to as long as it was finished at 12.5" square. I had a hard time with this one but I think it came out nice and I liked being able to use some of my own scraps with Janet's fabrics. I quilted and bound this City Weekend quilt all in one evening - it was a fast finish. I really adore this fabric and can't wait to get to two larger sized quilts I have planned for the City Weekend fabrics that I still have.

The quilt measures 41" x 32".

I don't understand why I didn't buy a one yard cut of a City Weekend fabric when it was recently on sale for $4 per yard. It was difficult to find anything in my stash to back it with - but I finally settled on a random cut of blue kona in my small stash of solids. I had to edge it with some Kona Ash to make it wide enough - but it worked.
Now I only have 7 UFO's to go! I keep wanting to start something new or just do a small project to give myself a break from the UFO's - but I keep telling myself, "You got yourself into this mess, now you have to get out of it." I do have to say that I am really enjoying the quilting of all the quilts (the basting, not so much), and it is so gratifying to complete these quilt tops that have been lying around for far too long.
P.S. I just added a whole bunch of destash fabric to my etsy shop - time to clean out!

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wishesUT said...

I can't wait for Spring too! The kids feel so cooped up in the winter. At least you have a fantastic hobby that keeps you busy.