Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Quick Change Trousers

Monday night I stayed up late and whipped up some cute pants for my son. I borrowed Anna Maria Horner's "Handmade Beginnings" from my library and this is one of the only projects I wanted to make from the book. After choosing the fabrics from my stash and cutting out the pieces, they took about 2 hours to make. The charm in this pattern is the rectangle on the butt and the fact that they are reversible (i.e. lined - which makes them a little warmer for winter!)
It wasn't easy to take pictures of him wearing them, but here you are:

Side 1:

Side two:

The last two photos were taken today - for some reason he became obsessed with Cheese Nips.
Anyway, I made the largest size available: 18-24 months - you can see they are a little big but I am just glad that they aren't too small. I have rifled through my stash these past two days trying to choose some more fabrics to make a few more pairs but I am running across a few stumbling blocks: most of my cuts of fabrics are 1/2 yd or less (and I need at least 5/8 for the main part of the pants) and the few pieces that I have which are 5/8+ are directional - and it would just bug me to have upside down owls or zoo animals - when the trousers were turned to side 2. I have been contemplating my tendency to buy a lot of little fabric cuts - is it really worth it to have small pieces of many fabrics, or would it be more beneficial to have larger pieces of fewer fabrics?

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Anonymous said...

thats the hard thing I think about making clothes. I make clothes for my kids and its really hard now that they are getting bigger. Do I need 2.5 yds of one print lol. Love your blog