Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tufted Tweets Quilt

I have been slowly working on a Tufted Tweets quilt this week. Progress has been hampered by colds, necessary errands, and a really annoying delay in the shipment of some Kona Medium Gray I ordered a week ago. I am using the pattern, "Playing Along Quilt" by Anna Maria Horner, out of her Seams to Me book. I have finished the log cabin blocks:

I love being able to do the "super circle" technique:

Applique square on square blocks: (she recommends hand-sewing them, but I am not doing that!)
On another note, I finally cleaned out my Google blogger - so many of the popular modern sewing blogs out there have started to read like ads for one thing or another. I am happy for people if they've reached a level of success where the are able to have sponsers and such; but it becomes cumbersome when you are constantly assaulted by plugs for this or that fabric or book - I am really just interested in what people have made and don't really care if they have something to sell.

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