Monday, November 08, 2010

A Quilter's Gathering, Nashua, NH

Thank goodness I found out about a quilt show to attend last week. It had been a LONG week as I didn't schedule much in order to encourage my son to get back to his twice a day nap schedule. Anyway, by Friday, I HAD to get out of the house! My mom came with me to a quilt show in Nashua, NH: A Quilter's Gathering.

After having attended two major shows in Manchester and Lowell this summer, this one in Nashua felt very small and I definitely felt that it was more about vendors than being a quilt show. But I still had a lot of fun and really appreciated my mother's help in watching Gregory while we browsed.

This quilt was my favorite one displayed - it's whole cloth with very intricate quilting. The other side was completley white with different colors of thread in the same design. Very impressive! There was a nice display of Amish quilts - all hand-pieced and often made from scraps. This star one was my favorite.
Of course I was drawn to a hexagonal quilt, I couldn't believe when I discovered that this quilt was made entirely out of chicken and egg fabrics!

The use of solids in this quilt was very eye-catching.

This quilt was my mother's favorite - it was made using a fabric folding technique.

Of course, I ended up breaking my fabric diet and found a few goodies. The Joel Dewberry chocolate woodgrain is one of my FAVORITES! I bought all that they had (only 2 yds) for $5 per yard! I heard a rumor that this fabric is going to be reprinted by the end of the year - the fabric company would be wise to do so, as this fabric is highly sought after.
I also couldn't resist the little bikes - I had never seen that print before and it's a fun boy-ish fabric!

I promise I have been doing lots of sewing lately - right now I am working on some promised projects for a friend. I will post very soon with the completed results!

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