Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Projects with Spoonflower fabrics

This week and last week, I have been working on some projects for a friend. She recently watched my baby for 3 whole days and I promised her I would make her a few things in exchange. She is an artist and enjoys getting her designs printed on fabric via Spoonflower.

First, I made her two "brainy balls" for her niece and nephew. I really liked her designs and I think they worked well with the brainy balls. (The airplane print is paired with a Michael Miller Ta Dot).
I found the Spoonflower fabric a bit difficult to work with for these balls- mostly when I was sewing the wedges together with the citrus-themed fabrics. The texture of the fabric is kind of coarse and it literally hurt my fingers to do the hand-sewing.
Finally, here is a purse she asked me to make. Now I have made this purse seven times! I think I love the pattern so much because it has a "patchwork" element that can be modern/young looking. I was quite happy with the way it turned out.

Natalie is very happy with these things and I couldn't be more grateful to her for taking great care of my kiddo.
Now I need to vent about an issue I have been having this week: sewing issues! I keep running into problems lately:
1) Every Joann's in the area has run out of a pre-quilted solid I always use to make the above bag. I even had my mom pick up a piece of the fabric at her Joann's - it turned out to not be the right one (it was not my mom's fault - apparently the sales associate thought that "off-white" meant "an ugly, cheap imitation of linen")! I ended up having to improvise and make a substitution.
2) In preparation for this weekend's opportunity to use my church's gym to baste a large quilt - I bought backing fabric without bringing the quilt top to the store. I figured I would be safe considering there are about 100 colors in the "Good Folks" collection. I came home with 4 yds of Kona Cotton solid "Midnight" which turns out to be much more purple than blue.........
3) I borrowed an emroidery hoop to do some embellishment on a flickr bee block. It was awesome when I took off the hoop only to discover that it had left streaks of dirt on my bee block!
I know we all have these sewing debacles - but three in a row has been a bit much!

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