Friday, October 15, 2010

Yard Sale Find

A few weekends ago, I came home with a vintage patchwork quilt. I was really unsure of whether I should buy it. (Nick told Gregory, "Your mommy likes to make quilts but then she goes and buys them.") But I just couldn't leave there in a crumpled heap on the owner's driveway - it didn't hurt that they only wanted $20 for it either. The owner explained that her husband's grandmother had made the top many years ago and about 15 years ago, she had backed it and hand quilted it. The handwork is well done and I love the scrappy look.
It is rather large, you can get a better idea from this picture on how big it is (picture taken just as it fell to the ground).

Even though I love bright, modern colors - I really like older quilts too. I used to browse for old quilt tops on ebay a lot - it's fun to see what is out there.

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