Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Horizons Charity Project

Several months ago the NEMQG was asked to make a Boston- themed sports team quilt for a charitable organization. I was quite skeptical about our ability to combine "novelty," "sports themed," and "Boston celtics"- all with a modern style. We used Oh Frannsson's Mix Tape pattern and several members sent me blocks. I was in charge of putting the quilt together and here's how it came out: This results, truthfully, are a bit disappointing. If you look closely - you can notice that the border is really messed up. Somehow, all the rows came out very unevenly and I had to improvise by squeezing two borders in and leaving one out. I need to confess that I put this together very quickly and my 1/4" seams with the sashing may have not been as consistent as they should have been. I also made the mistake of not squaring up all the blocks - slight variations in sizing (due to ironing, seam allowance, etc) may have also made putting this together accurately an impossible task.
I am sending it off to Shelly to longarm quilt it so that it can be ready for the November deadline. Thanks to everyone who sent me blocks - it really is appreciated! We really did have great participation on this project.

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MadeByMeaghan said...

I appreciate you putting all the blocks together and figuring out the border situation. The blocks look good together and I'm sure it will be well-loved. The recipient probably won't judge us for our seam allowances! :)