Thursday, October 07, 2010

Deerfield Fair 2010

Last year I missed the Deerfield Fair because I was basically too pregnant to move.... I was NOT going to miss it this year. Here's a few pictures of the quilts on display there:

This one was my fave:
The reverse applique on this leaf quilt was quite impressive!

This Muppet quilt looked very cute - at least the parts of it that I could see. I didn't really understand why they crammed so much on top of some pieces.

Here's Nick and Gregory by the "display" of fire trucks:

Here's Gregory and I at the display of the biggest pumpkins. The one directly behind us was over 1,000 lbs.

I enjoyed the fair but the crowds were out of control - trying to push a stroller around was no easy task. I also felt like more space and attention should've been given to crafters, 4-H, etc. rather than all the vendors and rides. I really like the "old fashioned" elements of a state fair and could pass on the over-emphasis on the commercialism of the event.

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