Thursday, September 30, 2010

PJ's, a block, and hexagons

I finished a new pair of pj's for Gregory. Though the elephant ones were darling, they were really too small for my big baby. I ended up giving them to a friend (who kindly reimbursed me for the fabric) and decided to make a pair out of this adorable Urban Zoologie fabric. I made Gregory try the top on but I still haven't seen how the whole ensemble looks. Technically they are a gift for his birthday. A year ago today was my due date.... 9 days later he officially joined our family. I am madly trying to finish some birthday presents for him in the little time I have left.... sometimes I feel bad because I am craving "alone time" to make him presents - when really shouldn't I just enjoy being with him instead of wanting to take a break from him in order to make him special things to show him that I love him.....? Today I am meeting up with my bestest NEMQG buddies for a sew-in. About a month ago I organized a block exchange/bee and Jill kindly volunteered to take September. Her instructions were perfect- she simply asked us to make a 12.5" block with a friendship star in it. I liked learning how to make a simply block while also having the chance to be a bit "improvisational." I hope she likes it! (Those "vintage" Amy Butler prints are gorgeous bytheway!)
I took a break from the floral hexagons to do the hand sewing on bird mobile and brainy ball, but now and then, I have had the chance to get back to them. I have started framing the flowers in charcoal grey - a choice I was a bit apprehensive about, but I think it will help the colors really "pop."

Finally, a big thanks to my swapping buddy Jen for providing a link to my design wall dilemma. I will definitely try it out and let you all know how it works for me.


Bessiemae said...

You're most welcome!

Bessiemae said...

Oh, and that is one cute baby boy you've got there. And the pj's are darling. Aren't little boys just the best? I've got two of them, and I'd so love a third.

Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to sit down and catch up with your are one busy gal!
Love, love, love the brainy ball and your awesome stippling!!
And yes.......I do have some Heather Ross bicycle fabric......both the pink and the WHITE!!
I think I'll put it in the safe.........XO

Anonymous said...

Oh, for heaven could I forget the boy.....the most adorable baby on the face of the that smile!
I'm sure he will always know how much he is loved.

Monet said...

Thanks for passing along the tablecloth link. I struggle with not having a design wall and this is PERFECT!!!