Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making profits by reselling fabric.....

When I went to the Mancuso quilt show, I came upon a vendor selling Tula Pink Neptune layer cakes ($25 a piece) and a few one yard cuts of the collection ($6 per yard). I grabbed all she had and promptly listed it on eBay. I quickly sold all of it and the grand total profit, even after fees, totals to $150. There are some crazy prices out there for fabric that some people are willing to pay. Heather Ross "swimming goldfish" recently sold for $93 per yard and a friend of mine recently unloaded some Flea Market Fancy fat quarters for $22 a piece! I have some "valuable" fabrics that I mostly gained from an online swap group, but sometimes it's hard to think about using them when I think about their monetary value.

For me, I get a lot more excited about getting a good deal on fabric rather than finding something that the blog world has created into this crazy obsession. I do think, however, that the quick rate with which fabric goes "out of print" contributes to people's large stashes- it really stinks to finally get to a project, need more of a particular fabric, and find that that fabric is no longer available. I predict that anything made by Heather Ross, and almost anything by Denyse Schmidt will be sold for crazy amounts long after it becomes first available. There are always newbies coming to the sewing/quilting world who will feel that they've "missed out" and just "have to have" certain fabrics that the cool kids have. It seriously reminds me of high school sometimes. But in all fairness, I have to say that some of the "hard to find" expensive prints are pretty awesome (can there be a more perfect boy fabric than fish in bags?)

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melisgm said...

First of all I don't think I told you, Great Job on the bird mobile. Also I'm LOVING the urban circus quilt!