Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Motion Quilting

Having recently counted 11 unquilted quilt tops, I knew it was time to face my fear of free motion quilting and finally try it out. Shortly after finishing the 9 Patch Lattice quilt, I completed the pieced back and cut out a piece of batting. I found it in a wrinkled mess in the corner of my bedroom and brought it to a sewing activity at my church. I had quite the audience as I was taping the backing and batting to the floor in order to baste it.

I've spent the time during Gregory's naps to stipple the quilt and so far, for a beginner, it is going really well! I am so excited! Now I have hope that I might be able to finish my quilts after all and not have to wait until I can take a long arm quilting class. I will show you the finished project! Meanwhile, I have requested bunches of sewing books from my public library. These books are so fun to thumb through and look at. I don't feel the need to own tons of these books and the library is a perfect alternative to buying them. I have some pattern tracing paper I am going to use soon in order to make some of the best projects in these books.
What is your favorite sewing book?

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Candace said...

You can do it. I was in the same spot although my hold up was basting. I have done a little FMQ'ing, but am not great, but the basting! I finally decided on a basting method (Sharon Schamber's boards) and in the past few months I have finished most of my backlog of quilts. It feels good to have them done and most of them out of here to their intended recipients. Just discovered your blog today from the flicker group and am enjoying it.