Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sewing

Turns out I really didn't get many pictures at the Lowell Quilt Festival. I did capture a very cheerful Monet holding Gregory, but I wasn't sure if she wanted that plasted on the internet. (It's a great picture- don't worry Monet!) She held Gregory a lot as we walked around and I was impressed with her strength. I confirmed that Gregory weighed at least, if not more, 1/4 of her weight. This is the project I completed over the last half of the week. It is a mini quilt called, "Autumn in New England." I made it for a family that is moving out of the area. They have had some trials no one should have to face during their few years here, so I wanted to give them something special.

I used techniques I learned from making the Girl in the Swing quilt. The whole project was pretty easy and fun. It is a great scrappy project. I am going to do something very similar like this again soon.

I didn't chicken out this time and I did do free-motion quilting - both all around the leaves and tree, as well as the actual quilting. I also finally made a real quilt label.

Today, while both boys are sleeping, I am working on a long-overdue wedding present for a dear friend. I used to think I would make everyone quilts when they got married, but then I had a child!

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Monet said...

Oh, you can totally post it...or sent it to me! He really does look like 1/4 of me in that photo :) But it was so nice to hang out with him...I think he would agree that we are good friends now.

Your quilt was so beautiful in person. Your photos just don't do it justice. I can't wait to see how excited your friends are to receive it!