Friday, August 13, 2010

Scrap-Tastic Day!

Yesterday was the best sewing day I have had in a while. It helped a lot that Nick took Gregory to a park for a few hours. I had a few top secret projects- I finished one and the other one is coming along great. (Both of these projects were made all from scraps - which I LOVE). I also seized the chance to organize the sewing area in Gregory's room- it had become a SERIOUS mess. I finally got smart and made space for - current projects and another for my favorite fabrics.

While I was doing all that, I went ahead and pulled a ton of coordinates for the fabrics that Emily chose when I told her I would make her a graduation present. She is graduating today and I am sad to not be there! This is why I like having a sizable fabric stash even though it clutters my house.... It is so nice to just pull fabrics for a project. I am thinking about either doing an Oh Fransson pattern or something like this. Any opinions or suggestions are welcome.

After all my sewing- the day came to an end perfectly when I received an email that Hawthorne Threads had Urban Circus in stock. I think cleaning my sewing space tempered me though- so I didn't go too overboard.

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