Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pop Garden Quilt Top- Done

Yesterday I tackled this beast and won! I didn't go to bed until midnight - but it's finished!!! Yay! Staying up late to finish it was probably not wise, as I sewed the last border on incorrectly and spent at least 20 mins with the seam ripper.... aarrggghhh. I showed it to my friend today and she said, "I wish that I could've taken that to my dorm room for my freshman year." I think that is a perfect way to describe what kind of quilt it will be.
This makes completed quilt top #5 (?) that I have not quilted... this is much too big for me to do on my own machine. I am really dying to take a local long-arm quilting class.

I loved learning a new technique- machine applique. I learned how to do it on my machine and was pleased with the performance of the Wal-Mart adhesive material I bought ages ago. But going around all those flowers! I wanted it to end after flower number three!

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MadeByMeaghan said...

Oh I hope I get to see it in person! That line of fabric is like go big or go home - I love it! Kudos on the applique. Sounds like it took a ton of patience!