Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elodie the Elephant

Okay, true confession: I haven't left my house for the past 3 days and was in "lounge yoga" pants the whole time. All the rain and Nick's fruitless job search really got me into a funk. A good friend recently explained that she has made time for sewing a lot recently because it gave her a feeling of control (to deal with postpartum depression). I totally get that.

So, once again, I had to cut into my Urban Circus to make something cute for Gregory. This came together all in an afternoon. I will admit to working on it while my son was awake- it's not hard to keep an eye on him while you are stuffing a softie (using the sewing machine, on the other hand is not wise). Although I do have another "true confession" - I think Gregory found a stray button and ate it. I think this softie is kind of ugly in a cute kind of way. I think I am going to wait to give it to Gregory for his 1st birthday. (BTW, the pattern is "Elodie the Elephant" in the One Yard Wonders book).
Last night, I decided to pull fabrics for a Tufted Tweets quilt. I had delayed on this because I thought I would never find the correct purple fabrics to complement the purples in the Tufted Tweets. Finally I realized - it really doesn't matter if it's not a true match. I love the look of combining fabrics from different collections and by adding other fabrics, I will make the Tufted Tweets last longer for other projects. (I really want to make those cubes but I don't know if I have enough interfacing!)

Wow- this grouping is SO rainbow - which I love! The pattern I am thinking about using only requires 18 fabrics - this is 29. I don't know if I can really pare (sp?) it down.

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