Friday, August 06, 2010

A bib, a little sewing.....

I just had to stop working on my long term, boring-ish projects and make something quick today. This evening I am meeting up with some friends, the occasion is to say goodbye to a friend who is moving. She is expecting a baby and won't find out the gender for another week or so, so I had to go gender neutral on this one. Here's a look at my hexagonal flowers - I am going to start sewing them together pretty soon.
Tomorrow is August's NEMQG meeting - I am running it because Monet is out of town. We are expecting a small turn-out, due to the craziness of summer schedules. We are meeting at the Sewing Diva in Derry - I met Christine about a month ago and was impressed that her fabrics were affordable and she was actually nice. (Brick and mortar quilt shops probably hate the popularity of online shopping, but can you blame us when so many ladies that run quilt shops are simply grouchy?) She is having a teacher come and help us make a paper-pieced block.
Christine offered to make/sell us pre-made kits, but we declined. Modern quilters can be picky about their fabrics, so I offered to make kits for everyone. It wasn't exactly a fun task to make all of these but I am excited about the color scheme. It's pretty bright and let's face it, totally my taste. (sorry!)

Tomorrow we are going to talk about ideas for doing a bee/block exchange as well as getting going on a charity quilt. Our guild was approached by Horizons for Homeless Children, asking us to make a Boston sports team themed quilt for their organization. This is kind of outside the box for our guild given that we generally shy away from novelty fabrics - but we agreed to give it a shot. Here is the backing I got from Joann's:
I decided on Celtics because I definitely have a lot of green fabric as opposed to navy and red for the Red Sox. Our guild wouldn't even consider the Bruins - given the gross color scheme of black and gold.
I will let you know how the meeting goes!

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