Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Morning Stash

This little guy has been keeping me away from the sewing machine. I also haven't sewed as much lately because my sister Emily had been visiting for a while recently. It was a perfect distraction for me to have her around, as my husband has been MIA studying for the Massachusetts bar. We spent a lot of time at our parent's house in NH (we only live 30 mins away) going swimming. When Gregory took his naps, Emily and I would watch Law and Order while I made these hexagonal flowers. I have decided I might want to put a medium shade of gray between all of the flowers but I am still not sure......

A few of my friends received an email when I discovered this picture on flickr (it's a picture of a woman with a tattoo design modeled after a Tula Pink fabric). Now I am not a big fan of tattoo's to begin with - - but I had to investigate more: who is Tula Pink and why would you want one of her fabric designs permanently on your body? I already had a FQ bundle of Plume from a giveaway that I won.... I went to see what her other fabric collections were like. Let me just say that she does have a very unique style and I am excited to see what her next collection will be like for Free Spirit. I became obsessed with her collection, Hushabye, and shockingly found a whole fat quarter bundle at a local very traditional/thimbleberries type of shop. The mustached lady gave me a great discount and I used my birthday money. I also just completed a fabric swap for some of the elusive Full Moon Forest (the other FMF, haha) and I while I don't think I would go ga-ga for all of her collections, I think I can say that I am officially a Tula Pink fan now!
I always have stacks of fabric on my nightstand - I love how they look folded all together. Plume is on the left, Hushabye is on the right. (Is it terrible that they are crowding out a little framed picture of my baby? aackkkk.....)

I wanted to share two of my most favorite fabrics I have ever received from my online fabric swap group: a Japanese fabric of Snow White (I am dying over the little apples and 7 dwarves) and the sneaker print. Way too adorable!

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melisgm said...

Hey, just an idea, but since you're thinking of doing a medium gray in between the flowers, what about a light to medium purplish gray?