Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July NEMQG Meeting

I promised I would share more about our most recent NEMQG meeting.

A few weeks before the meeting, several of us met to try out bleaching fabrics - and here are some of the best results with strips/pieces of fabric showing what they looked before. My favorite is the AMH cathedral print - it is definitely better after being bleached. Monet showed us a quick and easy way to make flying geese blocks:
And then we all showed our doll quilts to each other, here is the one Monet made for Rhea:

Rebecca made this one for Pippa:
Meaghan received this one from Rhea:
Katie made this one for Lisa:

Here is the extra special back that Katie made for the quilt:

Meaghan made this one for Katie - it was the only exchange that actually got to occur in person:

Here's a picture of mine, that was given to Kelley:

And finally, the one that Lisa made for me:

Overall, it was a great meeting! Can't wait till August 7 when we meet again!

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