Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I usually don't like to have more than one project going on at a time, but I decided that I really need a good "hand sewing" project for when I watch a movie, have a long car ride, etc. Call me crazy, but I think I am going to do a Grandmother's Hexagon quilt. It's something I have always wanted to have and I am going into this while constantly telling myself, "This project is going to last a decade."

I am excited about the prospect of doing it in modern fabrics but I want to still make it "timeless." In other words, I don't want a lot of trendy fabrics that I might get tired of later. Do you ever over think your fabric choices for projects? I know that I do.

This evening I brought Gregory into his room and let him play while I rummaged through my fabric (it's all stored in his room). The flowers will look like the one you can see completed in the picture. I am thinking about choosing fabrics with no more than 2 colors (not counting white) and trying to stay away from real primary colors (bright red, kelly green, etc.). I love a scrappy look and want to use what I already have. Any thoughts?
P.S. I want to have a solid color throughout the whole quilt- hugging all of the flowers. Mint green? Is it supposed to be yellow? Should I go with my favorite shade of pink?


melisgm said...

I vote for your favorite shade of pink.

Lucia said...

So funny, I just started a grandmother's garden quilt too, at the beginning of July (so I could have a handwork project going on). Yours look great!